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What’s Been on your Mind? ASK LINDA


anti aging,skincareOnce a month I’ll share the questions I receive most often. Perhaps you’ve wondered a few of these things, yourself . . .

QUESTION: “I’m a no-nonsense person and not into glamour at all. Why can’t I just wash my face with soap? Is it that bad???”

LET me get right to the point:  YES.

cleanser,dry skin,gentle cleansing gelHere’s why: Soaps and many foaming cleansers are just too drying. Those 30 wet and soapy seconds may feel good but they dehydrate your Epidermis (top layer of skin). Many of us grew up using soap and that tight feeling after cleansing means, “All clean!” But what it really means is “All DRY.” Which puts extra pressure on your moisturizer to not only moisturize, but repair.

Remember, as we age, our skin dries out, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Everything we put on our face should be helping it, not hurting it.

gentle cleansing gel,dry skin

Regardless of skin type, here’s the remedy — 

THERADERMA GENTLE CLEANSING GEL – with six herbal extracts helping to cleanse, moisturize, purify, and calm the skin – cannot be beat. Also removes makeup and mascara too. I get consistent calls and emails about this product because it is not only good for ALL skin types, but it makes the skin feel so-o-o nice after you’re done!

BUT — If you find it too darn hard to give up that soapy, foamy feel – and you have NORMAL SKIN – try this:

TIZO GENTLE FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER is a soap-free tizo foam cleanserfoam designed to remove all makeup, sunscreen and the grit of the day  —  without drying out your skin. The ph-balanced, sulfate-free formulation conditions and moisturizes the skin, rather than stripping away lipids, and leaves the skin soft and supple.


THIS IS A GOOD  TIME to remind everyone to please take a moment to leave a review on my website when you love a product. I know it takes a few extra moments, which is why a quick call or email is what I usually get.  But I do think it’s helpful for people when they shop to get feedback from those who are using the product. Just go to the product page and scroll down to the  bottom, and click on “Write A Review”. Thank you in advance!!

QUESTION: “I can’t afford all kinds of creams and products. Can’t I just use my moisturizer around my eyes?”

Makes sense, right? I mean, skin is skin. Except that the skin around your eyes is much, much thinner than the rest of your face. And what that means is that it is far more sensitive to products. Your eyes will usually burn or sting when you try your face moisturizer near your eyes. Eye creams are formulated with this more fragile skin in mind.

THERADERMA MICRO SILK C EYE CREAM is aptly named, for it gives a smooth and vitamin c,eye creamsilky appearance. And it is reasonably priced! You need only a tiny amount for each eye, so it lasts a long time.

With Aloe Vera Gel as its first ingredient, this Eye Cream is sure to soothe the delicate tissue under the eyes. Almond oil, safflower oil, peach kernel oil, multi-vitamins, peptides and Ginseng extract also help reduce dark circles and puffiness.

THINK ABOUT IT — You can cover your hair with a hat or hide a few extra pounds with the right outfit. But your face is front and center every single day! Isn’t it worth a little extra time and ‘trouble’ to help it be its very best?

I look forward to more of your questions!

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