Whether waiting for that special kiss or just trying to look your best, your lips are always front and center. Taking good care of them is a MUST, so let’s start with the basics:

  • the skin on your lips is much thinner than any other place on your body
  • your lips don’t have any sebaceous glands — the glands that keep your skin moisturized. Their only source of moisture is your saliva, and that’s why your lips can easily become dry and chapped  
  • your lips don’t have melanin – your body’s natural way of protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays and the pigment that makes you tan in the sun.

What all this means is that our lips must be PROTECTED, MOISTURIZED, and treated with TLC – Tender Loving Care.

For the ULTIMATE in LIP CARE . .  .  .

1.  Exfoliate

2.  Plump

3. Protect


Volcanic Origins Under Eyes & Lip Contouring Mask 2 oz.

See immediate results! If you have used our Volcanic face and body masque, then you know how effective volcanic clay is as it smoothes, tightens and firms the delicate lip skin. You can also apply under the eyes to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. With Hemp Seed Oil and Grapeseed oil, it also reduces inflammation and dark circles. Use 1-2 times a week and watch your lips and under-eye area improve

#2 — PLUMP

Starry Sexy Kiss Lip Plumper/Gloss

Plump and shine with one easy application! Menthol, peppermint and other mint oils make this gloss feel so cool and yummy while stimulating blood circulation and reducing the appearance of fine lines. This gloss will enhance your chosen lip color and is paraben free, so slather it on!!


TIZO Tinted SPF 45 Lip Protection

Because your lips have no natural protection from the sun, they can develop sunspots and skin cancer just like the rest of your body. TIZO’s lightly tinted color provides full protection from UVA/UVB sun rays with 80-minutes worth of water resistant application. This lip color is a chemical free sunscreen that has no dyes, fragrances, lanolin or parabens. 


Can You See the Difference?