How To Keep Your Skin Smooth and Silky

“Treat your skin like you do your most expensive cashmere sweater – GENTLY.”

I’ll never forget these words. They were my very first lesson in skin care from an esthetician who visited my Home Economics class in high school. I only remember this one thing she said, but I’ve remembered it my entire life.

If you’d like your skin to not only look great but feel great, then this is very, very good adviceBy choosing the right products that do the work for you, there is never any need to be anything but gentle when you take care of your skin. That’s right: let the product itself do the work.

For the silkiest, smoothest and very best your skin can be, follow these three steps:

#1 The human body sheds skin continuously, but Theraderma has created a serum to give Mother Nature a little help .  .  .


Oh, so light, but oh, such an effective exfoliator!  Vitamins A, C and E make a potent combination to intensify your skin’s natural shedding process. New skin is beautiful skin, and bringing it to the surface not only enhances your complexion, but soothes sensitive skin and minimizes pores. 

Along with vitamins, this concentrate contains Aloe Vera Gel, purified sea water, extracts of Chamomile Calendula and Ginseng, and Yeast extract.

#2  After your Skin Refining Concentrate treatment, follow with your favorite Theraderma moisturizer.  Choose from:

 Bio Hydrating Cream  – best for normal to oily, even troubled skin.  

Plump up those skin cells by increasing hydration! With Hyaluronic Complex imported from Japan and Europe, as well as Collagen and Seaweed extracts. 

OR . . .

COLLAGEN ELASTIN CREAM – best for dry or mature skin.

.Nourishes – and protects – your skin in the daytime, with Hydrolyzed Elastin to improves skin’s elasticity and Marine Collagen to diminishes wrinkles and age lines. 

Feel the difference as this light cream glides on your skin!


#3. Protect your moisturizer from drying during the day with a breathable moisture barrier . . .

THERADERMA VITAL SILK SERUM – good even for sensitive skin

Hyaluronatic Acid,fine lines,wrinkles
This multi-vitamin facial treatment also contains sweet almond oil and carrot oil that join with minerals to seal in your skin’s own moisture without clogging your pores. Provides special protection from the grit and grime of the environment while still allowing your skin to breathe.

Watch and Feel your skin respond as this routine continues. And don’t be surprised if that special someone can’t keep his hands off your touchable face.

“My skin is so-o-o silky soft – I love it!!”


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