A Mud Mask with IMMEDIATE Results



In this era of instant gratification, we have become impatient … standing at the microwave for our 7-minute entrees and wondering what’s taking so long … carrying our cellphones everywhere so we don’t miss a call … and complaining when our text messages aren’t returned, like — now!!

Likewisewhen we try a new skincare product, we look for a change right away.  We examine ourselves in the mirror repeatedly and have to remind ourselves that, “Change takes time”. And most of the time, this adage is true.  But get ready for an ancient remedy that shows instant results.

Volcanic Origins Face & Body Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask

150 million years is a long time, but this is how far back you need to go to find the origin of volcanic mud and clay.  Even animals used this healing substance (by lying in it when injured) and we humans are catching up!

Apply a thin layer onto your face and you will feel a tingle and a pulling action as your skin is stimulated by this mask cleaning out pores, drawing out excess oil and increasing circulation. Wait 15-20 minutes (longer is ok), then rinse off with warm water using a washcloth to wipe off residue mask. 1-2 times a week is best.

Going to a special dinner party? Do a mask when getting ready. Your makeup will look like it was professionally done now that your skin is tighter, brighter and smoother. 

Good for all skin types – for both men and women. This mask pulls the toxins out of the skin for oily acne. For dry mature skin, it tightens and brightens the skin.

When you exfoliate, your anti-aging serums and moisturizers penetrate deeper and more easily so that they can do a better job of nourishing the skin cells. Without weekly exfoliation, the dead skin cells build up and cause a barrier on the surface of the skin.

Look in the mirror when you rinse off this mask and you will see a ‘glow’ and see tightened pores and smoother skin. And this is why when you apply Volcanic Origins to your body, you will feel relief

“But what about the delicate skin on my lips and around my eyes?”
Not to worry: Volcanic Origins has developed a mask for those areas as well. 

Volcanic Origins Under Eyes & Lip Contouring Mask


Adding Hemp Seed Oil for the delicate areas of the face, this volcanic clay mud mask gently stimulates the skin on your lips and underneath your eyes.  And Grapeseed Oil reduces inflammation and dark circles and leaves skin smoother.





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