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The term Face Time gets thrown around a lot these days. Yes, we primp and preen before our on-screen conversations. But what really makes us shine when we’re illuminated across the net?

IT’S NOT . . .

          …  the latest, trendiest eye shadow
          …  extra-long lashes
          …  the perfect blow-out


And there’s only one way to get it!  
Continuous, loving care and attention
to ensure your skin will be the best it can be.

It doesn’t much matter what products you put on your skin if its too clogged to absorb them.  And it must be done consistently:  in the morning and at night.


If your skin is dry/mature or sensitive/delicate, this one’s for you. Gently dissolving excess oils or the grit and grime of the day, it leaves the skin clear and ready to absorb either your nourishing night cream or daily moisturizer.  With Aloe Vera Gel, and Extracts of Chamomile Blossom, Elder Flower and Orange Peel. 



This is a crucial stop in your skincare routine


The perfect follow-up to the perfect cleansing, it gently tightens pores with Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber Juice, Witch Hazel and Horse Chestnut extracts. 






Although lighter in texture than a cream, serums have a higher concentration of ingredients and are an excellent addition to your skincare routine. This serum is particularly good for dark spots or blotchy skin.





It’s no longer up for debate: we MUST protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun. But we can moisturize at the same time! With Green tea Extract, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice. 





There is a reason this is the most popular product at HelloBeautifulFace.com. IT REPAIRS WHILE YOU SLEEP. Rich and packed with nourishment, including Aloe Vera Gel, Peach Kernel Oil, Ginseng Extract, Hazelnut Oil, Soy Milk Protein, Carrot Oi, Avocado Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil.


~  Give your FACE the TIME it deserves  ~
And you’ll like what you see in the mirror.
Plus you’ll be a hit on whatever size screen your choose!








skincare,anti aging,holiday giftsSURPRISE THAT SPECIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE!

The holidays are coming! And whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice . . .  let’s face it. Both giving and receiving are just plain FUN. But how often have you drawn a blank when your mom or your sister or your husband says, “What do you want?”


For the discerning woman who likes to be in control of her own treats, our Gift Certificate is just the thing. Look above and to the right and you will see E-GIFT CARDS in the Tool Bar.  It only takes a moment to fill out – in any dollar amount you choose – and can be emailed or you can download and print it so it can be wrapped up with a big bow. Either way, receiving a HelloBeautifulFace gift card is like being set loose in a candy store and is sure to be a big hit!

But there’s nothing like opening up a box or basket of personal care items meant just for you. Examining each one . . . taking the top off. . . smelling the delicate scent . . . and reading the wonderful ways they are meant to pamper. It’s all you can do not to say, “Excuse me,” and run off to the bathroom!

Take a gander at these fabulous combinations meant to spoil and beautify . . . best of all, take advantage of our $10 Holiday Coupon for any of these sets.

For the Silkiest body, try one of these . . .

 Theraderma Green Tea Soy Milk Body Homecare System

green tea,body cream,smooth skin

Theraderma Exfoliating Body Scrub
Cleanse away rough textured dead skin cells with this exfoliating, refining, and polishing body scrub. Contains natural loofah and essential oils of Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Clove Oil.

Theraderma Purifying Body Cleanser
A gentle and detoxifying body cleanser that prepares the body to receive nourishing and moisturizing treatments.

Theraderma Green Tea Soy Milk & Honey Body Cream
This antioxidant and nutrient enriched formula contains natural Green Tea Extract to improve the skin’s resistance to free radical damage and provide anti-aging benefits. Soy Milk and Honey nourish, refine and protect.

Theraderma Velvet Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil
Hydrates, nourishes, and lubricates the skin with its natural
blend of French seaweed oils, vitamins and minerals.

Theraderma Body Butter Homecare System

body butter,cream,moisturize,anti aging
Theraderma Exfoliating Body Scrub
Cleanse away rough textured dead skin cells with this exfoliating, refining, and polishing body scrub. Contains natural loofah and essential oils of Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Clove Oil.

Theraderma Purifying Body Cleanser
A gentle and detoxifying body cleanser that prepares the body to receive nourishing and moisturizing treatments.

Theraderma Body Butter
An exotic mix of super refined butters whipped to a silky consistency using purified sea water and soy milk to replenish essential skin moisture.

Theraderma Velvet Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil 
Hydrates, nourishes, and lubricates the skin with its natural blend of French seaweed oils, vitamins and minerals.

And for the ultimate in personal care . . .

Theraderma Dry Mature Skin 6-piece Homecare System

dry skin,moisturize,collagen,serumCLEANSER – Theraderma Gentle Cleansing Gel
Cleans the face thoroughly while moisturizing with natural botanical extracts. Six herbal extracts known for their mild cleansing properties moisturize, purify, and calm the skin. Dissolves dry, dehydrated layers from the skin surface.

TONER – Theraderma Ginseng Astringent-Toner
Removes surface dead skin cells to clean deep into the pores to remove residue dirt, makeup and bacteria with the oil-free formulation of Glycolic acid.

ANTI AGING-REPAIR – Theraderma Skin Refining Concentrate
A light, creamy textured treatment serum with an advanced and powerful complex of Vitamins (A,C,E), natural Algae, Yeast Extract, Herbal Extracts, and exclusive acid-free marine technology gently enhances skin’s own shedding cycle to help visibly improve texture, reduce pore size, calm irritation, and soften fine lines.

MORNING MOISTURIZER – Theraderma Collagen Elastic Cream
Ideal for dry-mature, sensitive-delicate skin conditions. Can be used as a night cream for normal to combination skin types.

DAYTIME SUN PROTECTOR – Theraderma Sun Protection Cream SPF 30
Moisturize and Protect your skin with one cream.  Contains sun filters for protection against UVA and UVB rays, SPF 30. Cocoa Butter and Glycerin help to protect the skin’s moisture balance. Green Tea Extract, Allantoin and Aloe Vera provide soothing and healing properties.

NIGHT MOISTURIZER – Theraderma Bio Effective Cream
The most popular product in our entire line because it repairs your skin while you sleep.  This ultra-rich (non-greasy) formula is designed to replenish moisture lost during the day. Very rich in vitamins A, B, C, D3 & E, multi-peptides, exotic butters, Aloe Vera gel and proteins.

Click here to view more Theraderma Homecare Systems that will best fit your skincare needs.

Give the Gift of CARE.  Your loved ones will thank you all year long!





THIS IS NO TRICK . . . it’s all treat!

If you’re concerned about . . .

fine lines …  age spots …  freckles … rough skin … acne ….

Get into the spirit of the season with Pumpkin Enzyme Puree  by Theraderma.

No, you don’t serve it after the turkey with whipped cream on top! And it won’t add unwanted calories, either. You’ll see its benefits long after the first delightful sniff!

exfoliate,dry skin,oily,acne

Exfoliation is all about helping nature produce new and healthy skin cells, and that’s where this potent puree comes into play. Pumpkin Enzyme Puree is a rich exfoliating treatment full of vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes known for their anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties.

The pumpkin boasts the antioxidant beta-carotene. The same free-radical-neutralizing powers of the carotenoids in pumpkin that may discourage cancer cells can also help diminish wrinkles. Extracts of Chamomile, Ginseng, Cucumber, and Ginkgo Biloba insure that this puree gives you a gentle yet effective treatment. Ideal for normal, combination, dry, oily and acne prone skin types. (Note: not to be used on sensitive or irritated skin.)

A cup of cooked pumpkin has more potassium than a banana –
with 564 milligrams to a banana’s 422!

Pumpkin Enzyme Puree is EASY TO USE –  After your normal cleansing and toning, apply a small amount – a thin layer – to your clean, damp face. Allow it to remain on the skin:

~  up to 8 minutes for Normal/combination or Dry/mature skin
~  up to 15 minutes for oily and problem skin

Gently remove all residue with a wet wash cloth and then rinse thoroughly. Caution: Moderate stinging may occur – this is common. If skin becomes irritated, wash off immediately with warm water.

PLEASE NOTE: Always test a new product on small area before use on entire face. Use this puree only as directed, and not on sensitive or irritated skin. Do not use on Rosacea, open sores or other skin ailments. Do not use during or right after chemical peeling. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Now that your skin is smooth and clear of all debris, it is important to follow with this crucial next step: Hydrating your skin with the proper moisturizer.

Oily/Acne skin                        Theraderma Vitamin B Cream

Dry/Mature skin                     Theraderma Collagen Elastin Cream

Normal/Combination skin     Theraderma Bio Hydrating Cream

Be sure to enjoy the upcoming Season ~ and especially your improved complexion!

~ You can trust Theraderma ~

Based upon over 30 years of cosmetic research, Theraderma Skincare products are formula-ted with the highest level of non-prescription pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Instead of abrasive alcohol or unnecessary fragrances, Theraderma products contain soothing, healing Aloe Vera – to give you fast results without irritation – as well as vitamins and natural fruit acids to rebuild and refine your skin so that it glows. Best of all, it includes a personalized regimen that’s designed just for you, monitored by licensed professional, Linda Hong, Clinical Skincare Specialist.

anti aging,skincare

Call – Text – Email
323-404-5643 (USA)

anti aging,skincare

Got Questions? Ask Linda

Ask Linda has been busy lately! You’ve been sending me lots of questions – good ones – so this month I’d like to share both the questions and my answers in the hopes that the information helps each and every one of you.

face hands


How can I determine my skin type?


There are countless factors that influence skin type including weather, heredity, age and health. Hellobeautifulface.com has a complete list of the 4 main skin types to help you identify your skin type. Remember that understanding your skin type is important for determining proper products to use in your skin care and makeup routine.


How much time should I give each product to be absorbed? Example: When I use a skin treatment serum, a moisturizer and a foundation, can I put them on one after the other?

Yes, you can put them on one after the other. A skin treatment serum like Vitamin C Serum absorbs very quickly into the skin. If you are using a creamy lotion skin treatment product like Theraderma Lifting Elixir wait about 15-20 seconds before applying moisturizer.

mask it


I have dry skin, how often should I use a mask and what type of mask?

I recommend using a mask at least once a week. Twice a week is even better. Do a mask at night before bed. The mask will hydrate your skin and prepare it for your night serum and/or cream. Masking before going out for a special dinner or party is excellent to revitalize your skin. Your makeup will look radiant. The Enspri Ultra Collagen Mask has very moisturizing, lifting and smoothing benefits. Volcanic Origins Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask is another one of my top picks to moisturize and rejuvenate your dry skin.


My foundation has a 30 SPF sunblock, is that good for the entire day – even if I take a walk at lunchtime? cell phone

No. If you applied your foundation with sunblock in the morning before going to work or an appointment by lunchtime the sunblock SPF 30 has become ineffective. Carry your foundation with sunblock in your purse so you can reapply it before you go out for the walk at lunchtime plus wear a hat. I recommend Solar Protection Formula TiZo3 SPF 40 a tinted formulation that matches all skin tones and types. Elegant and silky, leaves a soft matte finish. For more makeup coverage try Solar Protection Tinted Formula SPF 60. An individually customizable protective liquid makeup/cover-up and daily foundation. Comes in 3 shades. Each shade may be individually customized to match your own skin tone using the light and/or dark color control adjusters included in each box.



After applying a moisturizer for day and for night my face feels greasy after 10 minutes, does that mean I used too much?

Yes. There is a tendency to apply too much cream because we think “more is better” but not so when it comes to using a moisturizing cream. Be sure to do a thorough cleansing of your skin before applying day and night cream. Dot your cheeks, chin and forehead with cream, use finger tips to sprea d evenly over entire face and neckline. Those of you that are Oily-Acne skin types do not leave out this step. It is very important to use the proper moisturizer to keep a balance skin condition.
Facial toner


My acne treatment just isn’t working as well as it used to. What can you recommend?


Your skin may have become accustomed to the formula. Look for formulas with higher concentrations of active ingredients such as: Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C. These can be found in professional skincare brands like PCA Skin, Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare and Theraderma Skincare .


I am confused when I see so many products at the cosmetic counters. I would like a simple homecare regimen with not too many steps. Help.


Ok, let’s keep it simple. Here’s 3 Easy Steps for your morning and evening homecare for each skin type: Dry-Mature, Normal-Combination, Oily-Acne, Sensitive-Delicate.


~ Morning cleansing/toning so you skin is fresh and clean to start your day.

~ Evening cleansing before bedtime to remove the day’s makeup, dust and pollution. Crucial for preparing skin for nighttime treatment and moisturizer.


Repair your skin with an anti aging serum, gel or cream.


Replenish your skin cells day and night. Daytime moisturizer must include a SPF 15 or higher to protect skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Nighttime moisturizer is a richer cream to rejuvenate the skin cells during your beauty sleep.



I would like to have permanent makeup eyeliner done but I am very nervous about it because it is done so close to my eyes. Can you help calm my nerves about the procedure?


You can rest assured that the permanent makeup eyeliner procedure is very safe. The procedure begins with the application of numbing cream right along the upper eyelid lash line. Using the SofTap hand tool with extra fine tip needles, the pigment is placed into the skin right next to your eyelashes. With the eyelid skin stretched tight, the pigment penetrates quickly without any pain. All of my clients will ask me, “Are you doing it?” They cannot believe how painless and safe it is.


I’m in my late 40s and have significantly damaged skin. I have never tried anti-aging products – is it too late to start? FACE POINTING AT HERSELF


It is never too late to start. Your best bet are anti-aging products that contain:

  • Retinol-Vitamin A – improves skin’s firmness
  • Peptides – assist skin to retain moisture providing the skin with an immediate lifting effect
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids – reduces fine lines by exfoliating the surface dead skin cells.

After a thorough cleaning of your skin follow with at least one of the above anti aging products. Next moisturize. During the day keep your skin protected from the UVA/UVB sun rays, apply a sun protection cream SPF 15 or higher.


Don’t be shy……if you have a question about your skincare and/or makeup please send me an email, I will be glad to help you.  AskLinda@hellobeautifulface.com


Get Brighter Skin…..20’s Start Early:

Your face is still taut, but that doesn’t mean you’re not noticing pigmentation which can reveal itself in freckles, post acne marks, or melasma due to pregnancy or oral contraceptives. I recommend for your home skincare routine products with Vitamin C as the key ingredient and always wear sun protection during the day even if it’s a cloudy day. My customer product picks: Theraderma Vital Silk C Serum – Provides an invisible shield to protect the skin from damage caused by the environment. Theraderma Sun Protection Cream SPF 30 – Moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage all in one cream.

Get Brighter Skin…..30’s Don’t Stress:

Hyperpigmentation is often stress related – constant hurrying and worrying (your kids, your job, your hectic schedule) are often the culprits. And habits like picking pimples or scratching can also cause brown spots. Best to target trouble areas with a skin lightening ingredient like  Vitamin A. My customer product picks: Theraderma Vitamin C Serum – This antioxidant fades patchy dark pigmentation and protects the skin from sun damage and premature aging.

Get Brighter Skin…..40’s Reverse Damage:

By this age, many women are off the pill and finished having kids, so the wild fluctuation of hormones and melasma are under control. In this decade, choose all-over brighteners to even skin tone and break down unwanted pigment. My customer product pick: Theraderma Skin Refining Concentrate.  This powerful complex of Vitamin A, C, E refines pores and promotes a more even skin tone.

Get Brighter Skin…..50’s Go For The Glow:

Menopause affects the skin the way oral contraceptives do: the ups and downs of hormones can leave you with pigmentation problems. Since skin can also become dry and sensitive and appear dull at this stage, look for products containing arbutin, licorice, and antioxidants, which help halt excess melanin production and promote radiance. My customer product pick: Theraderma 24 Karat Gold Suspension Serum. Another reminder keep sunblock on all day.

Get Brighter Skin…..60’s Be Gentle:

At this point, women are at a higher risk for discoloration if they take anti hypertension medication, which can heighten sun sensitivity, or estrogen, which has the same skin dangers as the Pill. So be extra vigilant about applying sunscreen during the day along with soothing anti aging brighteners.  My customer product pick: Theraderma Instant Oxygen Revival Mask.  Revives dull, tired skin leaving it clean, soothed, glowing and refreshed.

Tips For Best Results for All Ages Using Skin Lightening products………..

Get Brighter Skin Tip #1:

Prepare your skin before applying a skin lightening serum or cream by exfoliating (remove surface dead skin cells) at least twice a week. This will allow the skin lightening serum or cream to penetrate deeper and be more effective. Product Pick: Volcanic Origins Face & Body Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask.

Get Brighter Skin Tip #2:

The most important skincare part of skin lightening is to always wear sunblock during the day even if it is overcast. Without sunblock you will be wasting your efforts using a skin lightener.

Do brown blotches mar your otherwise nice complexion? Hyperpigmentation (brown blotches, dark spots) affects everyone, regardless of age, skin type, or color, and is caused by acne, sun exposure and/or hormones. But don’t despair…..help is on the way! Here are the best solutions for every age on how to prevent and repair its effects: