Anti-Aging & Repair Serums

5 reasons to use retinol for anti agingFor those of you unfamiliar with this new advancement in skincare technology:

Serums are potent products that are the result of cutting-edge technology.  They contain supercharged formulas and promise fast results. Theraderma vitamin c serum

Give one of these a try and see the difference in your complexion!

Theraderma Vitamin C SerumThis active Vitamin C Serum (hydra-stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid) reduces the visible signs of photo aging by helping to fight destructive free radicals. In addition the skin is protected from damaging ultra-violet rays. These productive functions result in retextured, toned, and younger looking skin. The Vitamin-C Serum is made from organic citrus fruit concentrates, that are rich in vitamin C, and amino acids. A unique, light citrus scent.

Theraderma Line Preventing SerumJump start your dull, aging skin with this silky hydrating formula.  Your skin will feel firm and smooth with an increase in the cell renewal and uptake of oxygen to each cell. It is also ideal as a supplement (mix of 3-5 drops) to any cream, lotion or masque during the application to revitalize and regenerate aging skin.

10 Tips to Battle BreakoutsCircadia Cyto Comm SerumA firming serum to restore the skin's vitality. Hydrates and boost collagen-elastin production, stimulate growth factors and renew resilience and firmness. DermalRx Lushield technology detoxifies the skin to improve its natural radiance. pca skin exlinea peptide serum

Osmosis Renew SerumRenew takes its name seriously, with all natural ingredients that revitalize your skin. While lightly exfoliating and hydrating, it protects the skin from UV rays, normalizes oil, clears acne, reduces fine lines, and shrinks pores. Stimulates fibroblast activity and blood flow, which are pivotal in repairing skin density and in the overall look and quality of your skin

PCA Skin Exlinea Peptide SerumSmooths out existing wrinkles and prevents new ones. This power house peptide product formulated with Argireline and Hyaluronic acid relax facial muscle contractions and assist skin to retain moisture providing the skin with an immediate lifting effect. The complexion is left smooth, soft, hydrated and youthfully vibrant.



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Skincare Tips: 11 Must Do’s

bring some balance to your skin 101Skincare Tip 1 TAKE a “TIME OUT”: Decompress your mind and body by applying the calming Theraderma Skin Recovery Mask on your face and then sinking into a warm bath. After your relaxing bath hydrate your body with Theraderma Green Tea Soy Milk Honey Body Cream. Add a few drops of the Theraderma Velvet Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil for extra moisturizing….your skin will feel silky, velvety soft. Now that’s a “spa treatment” you can give yourself right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Skincare Tip 2 PROTECT your SKIN from the SUN: Apply a sunblock on your face every day after moisturizing. Try Theraderma Sun Protection Cream SPF 30, a two-in-one cream that moisturizes and protects your skin.For active sports sun protection use Solar Protection Formula Water Resistant SPF 40 Tizo3. Water and sweat resistant up to 80 minutes.
Skincare Tip 3 Do a BASIC SKINCARE ROUTINE Morning and night: cleansing, anti aging serum, moisturizing – 3 Easy Steps. Use high quality professional skincare products. Avoid drugstore “over the counter brands”. – yes, they're less expensive, but for the most part they use inferior ingredients. Add exfoliating and a weekly mask to your routine for more skincare benefits.
Skincare Tip 4 NO TOUCHING Avoid touching your face throughout the day. Your fingers can transfer germs and bacteria onto the face and cause breakouts. After cleansing your face apply a astringent-toner to keep pores clear of imbedded debris and/or makeup. Theraderma Ginseng Astringent Toner is excellent for normal-combination or dry skin type. Oily-Acne skin use Theraderma Eucalyptus Astringent, fights bacteria and dries up blemishes. Also, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes every week to keep them bacteria free!
Skincare Tip 5 SLEEP: Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Be sure to go to bed with a clean face and always apply a night cream to nourish your skin cells as they rejuvenate while you sleep. Theraderma Bio Effective cream is sleepour #1 selling night cream. And don’t forget to put a clean pillowcase on your pillow at least every other day, this will keep your skin from breakouts as sweat and debris can build up on your pillowcase while sleeping. Avoid sleep lines on your face with the Circadia Pillowcase made with 20,000 microfiber count fabric.
Skincare Tip 6 WATER: Drink as much water as possible throughout the day. This will keep your skin hydrated and clear. A facial moisturizer is essential to keep the moisture balance for your skin whether you are dry or oily.
volcanic origins face body mud maskSkincare Tip 7 EXERCISE: Do you exercise at least 3 times a week? If not…..just do it! You will feel so much better because exercise will distress you and also remove toxins from your skin. After exercise and before you shower remove more toxins from your skin with the Volcanic Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask.

Skincare Tip 8 DIET: After exercising you are hungry……eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. All are high in vitamins and antioxidants that help your skin stay healthy with a luminous glow. A topical Vitamin C serum will also strengthen your skin. One of our favorites is Theraderma Vitamin C Serum.
Skincare Tip 9 CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL: Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol, which cause dehydrated skin, puffy, tired-looking eyes and premature fine lines. For extra eye care check out Theraderma Micro Silk C eye cream. A weekly eye mask will shrink puffy eyes and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Check it out Volcanic Ash Mineral Eye & Lip Clay Mud Mask.VPC
Skincare Tip 10 VITAMINS:Take your daily vitamins – especially C, A, D, and E to help maintain good skin and overall health. You can apply these vitamins topically on your skin with Theraderma VitaPlex C cream. a rich yet lightweight formula for a smoothing, lightening, and antioxidant skin treatment. Contains vitamins C, A, D, B5 and E.

Skincare Tip 11 PORE SIZE: You wake up one morning and your pores are suddenly bigger. Wondering why? As you age and loose collagen, the supporting structure around your pores diminishes, causing them to get larger. Doing a good homecare regimen can increase collagen production. Exfoliate daily with a gentle scrub or mask 1-3 times a week with a exfoliating mask. Clean pores equal tinier pores so try a glycolic acid homecare product or a skin refining serum daily to minimize pore size.





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